Mortgage – Planning Guide

Mortgage! Are you ready for a long term commitment. Here are few things …

Making a long term commitment to take a mortgage is not only a daunting but also very hazy. With no centrally authorized repository of information available, we feel the need to inform you of the whole process, requirement and advice to make an informed decision before you even settle to apply for a mortgage. First and foremost, following are the major points to ponder.

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Mortgage Terms Explained

New to mortgage concept?

Here are few common terms and mortgage jargon explained specifically to Dubai’s Mortgage Market.

  • DLD – Dubai Land Department – Dubai Government’s legislative body responsible to Register, Organize and promote real-estate investments in Dubai, decreed under the law. Services provided are, to issue Title Deeds. registers properties’ information, ownership records and so forth.

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Selling your Home in 2016: 4 things you start doing now!!

Selling your home in 2016, Why wait for a miracle?

A large majority of home sellers wait to list their homes in the spring or summer, or something they wait for other options, but that doesn’t mean you should wait to start preparing you home. Cooler temperatures and chilly weather creates a great opportunity to focus on making the right updates, upgrades and repairs to list your home in it’s best possible condition.

selling your home 2016, 4 things you should do mortgage house uae




If selling your home is one of your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions, remember the 5 P’s: proper planning prevents poor performance.

Use these tips to get your home ready for the spring/summer market.

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10 Best & Worst Home Improvements to save your Money

You probably familiar with DIY (do-it-yourself) to decorate and save your money, time, etc. and a large number of successful people do it by themselves to give a unique look to their homes, but unfortunately many of us don’t know or don’t want to learn or experience without calculation start the project that gets over budget and then they ended up with regrets.DIY Home improvements, Save your money mortgage-house

We’re in the age of do-it-yourself (DIY) home-ownership. Whether trying to save time, money, etc. a large number of homeowners have taken on home improvement projects themselves. Experience showed that three-quarters of homeowners completed a DIY home improvement project in the last three years, but nearly 40 percent of those homeowners wish they hadn’t.

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